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Nutrition in Children

As they are growing up, children need to stay active and strong, and this can be achieved by eating healthy food, which provides all the nutrients they need. It is essential to establish a child's eating pattern early in their life, to ensure they form healthy habits.

Nutrition for Infants

There is no doubt that a mother's breast milk is the best nutrition source for babies and should continue for at least the first six months of their life. Following this, solid food can be slowly introduced, starting with pureed vegetables and baby cereals.

Healthy Food for Toddlers

Getting a toddler to eat healthy food can be a challenge. Their appetite varies, and they may develop a sudden dislike of certain foods. If necessary, allow them to eat small snacks throughout the day rather than large meals, which may distress them.

Children of School Age

As much as it is possible, children should take a packed lunch to school. That way, parents have some control over what they eat. Offer a carbohydrate such as bread or pasta, protein in the form of chicken or fish, a dairy item, and salad or fruit.

Just remember, don't try and force a child to eat, as this can lead to it becoming a daily battle over the dining table. Food should be used for nutrition purposes, not as a reward, and all meals should be an enjoyable time with the family.