We envision a California where all schools teach about and provide access to healthy, locally-grown food, creating future generations of healthy children and economically vibrant farms.

The California Farm to School Network (CFSN) is a communications hub and a convener across many organizations and regions in the state. The CFSN aligns Farm to School efforts, shares resources, and bring farmers, schools, distributors, and practitioners together, supporting California’s leadership in the Farm to School movement.

The CFSN’s mission is to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders that promote and create opportunities to connect schools with their local farms in the classroom, the cafeteria, and the community.

Values Statement

The CA Farm to School Network believes that Farm to School can build a stronger, more equitable local food system for California farmers, workers, and children. We are creating a foundation for healthy food, healthy people, healthy economies, and a healthy environment across California communities. We commit to fostering strong links between families and farmers that grow beyond the school year. Farm to School integrates local agriculture and nutrition into all facets of the school, including the classroom, school gardens, the cafeteria, and the broader community. Sustainable and healthy food benefits us all with lower food miles, better health, and environmentally sustainable and vibrant communities.

The California Farm to School Network is a statewide initiative that is supported by staff from the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Office of Farm to Fork, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers, Life Lab, and the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute.