How San Diego is growing Harvest of the Month beyond the cafeteria

Guest author Shana Wright, Harvest of the Month Project Manager at UCSD

Guest author Shana Wright, Harvest of the Month Project Manager at UCSD

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) is one of the most well-known and utilized strategies in the Farm to School Movement. Read through this account from Shana Wright, HOTM Project Manager at UC San Diego, to hear how San Diego is deepening the impact of the program with an exciting pilot project!

It isn’t often there is a true connection between the cafeteria and the classroom.

However, the Harvest of the Month in the Classroom program strives to do just that. Through connecting what students learn in the classroom to what they are eating in the cafeteria, that much needed connection is formed.

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9 ingredients for firing up a scratch cooking program

harvest hub yoloToday’s guest post is served up by Kristy Levings, CFSN Regional Lead and Project Director of Farm to School Yolo, which is part of the Yolo County Department of Agriculture. Whether or not you’re near to her exciting Farm to School work in the Sacramento Valley, you’ll love these promising practices for pulling off a great scratch cooking class!

Sometimes, to really make change, you have to roll up your sleeves and get in the kitchen.

Here in Yolo County, we’ve had the unique opportunity to facilitate a CDFA California Specialty Crop Block Grant focused on developing the Farm to School effort and increasing school district procurement of specialty crops grown on local farms.

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Farm to School beyond the cafeteria: Oakland’s school produce markets

sarahblog2Sarah Ting, superstar FoodCorps service member, international jetsetter, and Oakland native wraps up our series on Oakland’s many inspirational Farm to School initiatives with this excellent summary of the district’s famous community markets. (For other OUSD posts, click the “OUSD” tag to the right of your screen!)

“If the organic mandarins are $1 per pound and our customer is asking for 2.5 pounds, what is her total?”

Every week, a fifth grader comes to our school produce market to volunteer his help by weighing fresh fruits and vegetables from local family farms and calculating totals for customers. He used to walk back and forth outside the elementary school simply waiting for his mother to pick him up, but now he passes the time by engaging in his favorite subject: math!

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Announcing the formation of the CFSN Steering Committee!

We are excited to announce that our Steering Committee has been formed! 

farmer peeling orangeWe have a total of twenty members who represent stakeholders from all over California and from many different communities. With representation from the urban to the rural, from school gardens to foodservice, from farmers to policymakers and everyone in between, we’ve put together an amazing team of leaders to help guide the California Farm to School Network as we continue to organize and align Farm to School efforts across the state.

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Taco Tuesday! 7 steps to an unforgettable Farm to School event

Who said Farm to School couldn’t be fun?

Today’s guest author is Erin Derden-Little: sharp-witted Humboldt County native, farm to cafeteria MVP, and Regional Food Systems Coordinator in CAFF’s Redwood Coast Office. Read on to learn how she turned a stroke of luck into a wildly successful Farm to School event for her region!

Have you ever heard an offer that was almost too good to be true?

Imagine our surprise when local rancher Clint Victorine made the following proposal – “I want to donate beef to every school in Humboldt County.” And not just any beef: top-quality, grass-fed, Eel River Organic Beef from Hydesville in the beautiful, lush Eel River Valley.

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