School food around the world: in photos!

When’s the last time the topic of school food made it onto popular social-sharing website Buzzfeed?

We’re not sure, but the site’s recent post featuring photos of school lunches from twenty different countries provides those of us working in school food some interesting comparisons. From other industrialized countries to Third World nations, the photos allow us a glimpse into how other nations feed their youth at lunchtime.

Examples from Japan show rice, fish, broth, vegetables, quail eggs, fruit, and milk.

France: School lunches are taken just as seriously as meals for adults. In fact, kids are served pretty much the same things adults eat.

Yeah, I’ll say so! This French school serves quite the meal, with mussels, whole artichoke, and even cheesecake making an appearance.

In contrast, at this school in Honduras, children receive a simple bowl of porridge.

And finally, of course, the post shows the all-too-familiar American school lunch that brings us all here. All of us working together on Farm to School, in California and elsewhere, are all too aware that this is one image that really needs to change.

For more photos from around Asia and Europe and even Africa, see the full photoset at Buzzfeed.

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