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A Warm Heart and Heart Break: A Lunch Composting Story

Written by: Rachel Black, FoodCorps Service Member with Garden School Foundation

Standing outside of the cafeteria every Friday and singing, chanting, and reminding every student that “WEScreen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.03.41 PM ARE COMPOSTING TODAY” can get a little tiring and redundant. However, when this fun reminder is met with screams of joy, I used to think that my heart couldn’t feel any warmer.  Continue reading

The 8 Emotions of Cooking with Kindergarteners

Noah_DonnellKilmer-2This story was written by returning FoodCorps service member Noah Donnell-Kilmer, who serves with Garden School Foundation in Los Angeles. Read on to understand the roller coaster ride of teaching and the stories that make the chaos of teaching in school gardens and cooking for kids all worthwhile in this work.

Cooking with elementary schoolers is always an exercise in relinquishing control of children. Yes, you have a set recipe and a vision of how said recipe should look, with proper ratios of ingredients, well chopped pieces, and a beautiful appearance. However, this is not what cooking class is about. You are more of a guide in a cooking class.

You can show them all the knife skills and impress upon them the importance of knife safety. You can show the proper amounts of each ingredient to add and teach them all about the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables. Yet, at the end of the day, cooking classes, much like garden classes, are spaces for experimentation and discovery. In cooking class, new tastes are tried, knives are used for the first time, bicycle blenders spin, the seed to table cycle is completed, and kitchen vocabularies expand with new descriptive terms.

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