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Putting a face on farm-fresh food: Farmer of the Month in the North Valley

Sarah with Gurmeet

Sarah Bohannon of the Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion (CNAP), a program of CSU Chico, takes us through CNAP’s Farmer of the Month program, a strategy that builds on Harvest of the Month in a fun, engaging, and farmer-friendly way through communications!

Hi! I’m Sarah Bohannon. I’ve been working as materials creator for the Farmer of the Month program at CSU Chico’s Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion (CNAP) for a year now.

My job is to put together newsletters and videos about farmers that teach kids how food travels from the farm to their fingertips. It’s a job that’s both fun and rewarding because I get to learn from the women and men at the forefront of our food supply. I also get to see first-hand the impacts that the Farmer of the Month program has made on local farmers, teachers and students.

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How San Diego is growing Harvest of the Month beyond the cafeteria

Guest author Shana Wright, Harvest of the Month Project Manager at UCSD

Guest author Shana Wright, Harvest of the Month Project Manager at UCSD

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) is one of the most well-known and utilized strategies in the Farm to School Movement. Read through this account from Shana Wright, HOTM Project Manager at UC San Diego, to hear how San Diego is deepening the impact of the program with an exciting pilot project!

It isn’t often there is a true connection between the cafeteria and the classroom.

However, the Harvest of the Month in the Classroom program strives to do just that. Through connecting what students learn in the classroom to what they are eating in the cafeteria, that much needed connection is formed.

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Report cards aren’t just for students anymore…


CAFF Farm to School Coordinator and guest author Zea Luce

Our guest author today is Zea Luce, who is the Farm to School Coordinator for the Santa Clara Valley office of Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF). Zea has been working on an interesting evaluation tool that can help improve relationships between school district staff and administrators. Read on to learn more!

As a school district, one of the best ways to increase sourcing of local produce is to simply ask your distributor to both label local products on invoices and deliver from more local farmers. But what if that sourcing goes unnoticed?

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