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A Garden in Every School Symposium

Network with like-minded teachers, parents, garden designers, community leaders, school garden coordinators, and others involved with helping kids make the connection between food, health and the environment. By encouraging and supporting a garden in every school, we create opportunities for our children to discover fresh food, connect to a living environment while applying academic standards, to develop social and emotional skills and consider future career options. Gardens offer beautiful, dynamic settings to integrate every discipline, including science, math, reading, art, environmental studies, nutrition and health. Help us move Delaine Eastin’s A Garden in Every School initiative forward in America’s Farm to Fork Capital with a collaborative regional commitment to accomplish the goal of a garden in every school by 2020!.

Workshops, Success Stories, Best Practices, Panel Discussions, Delicious Food.
Price includes light breakfast, lunch and snacks on both days. Please note: We are not offering a one-day option.

Location: Luther Burbank High School, 3500 Florin Road, Sacramento

Farm to Fork Festival at Sacramento State

Noon – 3:00 p.m.
Farm to Fork Festival in Library Quad
-Food Trucks
-Local sustainability partners
-Campus Partners
-ASI Pop Up pantry

6 – 7 p.m.
Keynote Speaker: Raj Patel http://rajpatel.org/
Author of “The Value of Nothing: How to Reclaim Market Society and Redefine Democracy,” and “Stuffed and Starved.” Raj Patel is an award-winning writer, activist and academic. He is a Research Professor in the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin and a Senior Research Associate at the Unit for the Humanities at the university currently known as Rhodes University (UHURU), South Africa. In addition to numerous scholarly publications in economics, philosophy, politics and public health journals, he regularly writes for The Guardian, and has contributed to the Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Times of India, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Mail on Sunday, and The Observer. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best-seller.

7-9 p.m.
Dinner on the Guy West Bridge**
Enjoy a dinner on the Guy West Bridge and have a conversation about food insecurity and sustainable food.

For more information on the Farm to Fork Festival, please contact the Event Coordinators Jennifer Campbell, RD, and Dr. Lynn Hanna at jennifer.campbell@csus.edu, lhanna@csus.edu.


**Dinner requires purchase of ticket prior to event. All other Farm to Fork events at Sac State are free to attend.

Farm to School in Action in Yolo, Part 2: the Forager Program!

Sacramento ValleyProcurement enthusiasts, this one’s for you!

Kristy Lyn Levings is the Project Director of Farm to School Yolo housed at the Yolo County Department of Agriculture. She is also part of the farming team at Chowdown Farm raising livestock and retailing at local farmers markets. She is the CAFF Regional Lead for the Sacramento Valley. Please visit their website: www.HarvestHubYolo.com for more information about Yolo County, its products, and its people.

In our last blog post, we explored the nuts and bolts of putting together our ‘Farms & Schools Marketplace Exchange’ and why. This large event brought farmers and school food service together in a ‘speed-dating’ type format where they exchanged profiles and started purchasing relationships. We did extensive follow-up in the weeks afterward to see how those budding relationships may or may not have translated into sales.

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Farm to School in Action in Yolo County

Yolo Marketplace2Today’s blogpost is another great one from Kristy Levings, Project Director with Harvest Hub Yolo (our Sacramento Valley regional lead!). Read on to learn about their recent Marketplace Exchange event, another example of the matching/”dating” model that’s so effective at bringing buyers and sellers of local food together. Here, it’s applied to Farm to School – Enjoy!

In our Farm to School world, we inevitably hear from school food service that they don’t know where to find farmers. While at the same time we also hear from farmers that they don’t know how to connect with School Food Service buyers. Oy Vey! What are we to do with two groups who seem to want to find each other but can’t?

To us, that sounds like the perfect setup – a setup for a “date!”

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9 ingredients for firing up a scratch cooking program

harvest hub yoloToday’s guest post is served up by Kristy Levings, CFSN Regional Lead and Project Director of Farm to School Yolo, which is part of the Yolo County Department of Agriculture. Whether or not you’re near to her exciting Farm to School work in the Sacramento Valley, you’ll love these promising practices for pulling off a great scratch cooking class!

Sometimes, to really make change, you have to roll up your sleeves and get in the kitchen.

Here in Yolo County, we’ve had the unique opportunity to facilitate a CDFA California Specialty Crop Block Grant focused on developing the Farm to School effort and increasing school district procurement of specialty crops grown on local farms.

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