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Friendly Red Wigglers Amend School Garden Soil

Written by: Kim Oldham, FoodCorps Service Member with UCCE Central Sierra 

I have asked children on many occasions what they want to do in the garden and almost every time it leads to the same thing – they want to dig in the dirt. I question my maturity daily because if you were to ask me that same question you would get the same response. One of my best memories with the kids is their first encounter with a Black Soldier Fly Larvae. You can just imagine the screams of disgust as they called me over. I calmly picked it up and had a discussion about it and then simply placed it in the little girls hand and said ”Here you go you can put it back in the compost so it can do its job.” Without hesitation she skipped off and put it back. At that moment besides the internal giggling I realized how much I influence my students.  Since my service I have tried to create as many ways to give these kids the opportunity to get dirty. So lets talk compost! Continue reading

Farm to School? More like Farm AT School!

Written by: Lucas Hill, FoodCorps Service Member with UCCE Central Sierra

unnamed-2When I first stepped onto the 2 acre parcel that would become the focus of my service, way back in September, it was overflowing with tomatoes, squash, eggplant, and cucumbers. This was the abundant harvest of the previous summer, the first growing season at the Calaveras High School Farm. But, almost immediately after I stepped into my new role as school farm coordinator, the weather turned and suddenly I was fighting to keep meager lettuce and kale alive through biting frosts and short, cloudy days. Trying to run a farm or garden at a school means following the academic calendar. So, how do you build a farm program against the inevitable seasonal misfit? While I can only speak from my own experience, I think others might find some nuggets of useful information from what we have been working on for the past several months at Calaveras High School.   Continue reading

The Crimson Giant Step Forward

Emily_MetzgerPrior to joining FoodCorps and serving her home county in Calaveras, Emily Metzger received a BA in Elementary Education at Westmont College and then spent a 2 year stint traveling across the nation working on organic farms. Now as a FoodCorps service member, Emily is teaching classes at elementary schools in Calaveras and supporting FFA at the local high school while also simultaneously supporting her family farm. Read on to learn how Emily is making the connection from her family farm to the school cafeteria and classroom. 

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