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Recreating Habitats for an Edible Schoolyard

Written by: Ashley Parrish-Decker, FoodCorps Service Member with Ventura Unified School District 

We got 4 inches of rain on Wednesday, January 6th, and unfortunately, not much of it was captured. In fact, the rain was so poorly infiltrated that major flooding occurred and caused some schooIMG_1495l classrooms to flood throughout the Ventura Unified School District. “Because of the drought we have lost many of our trees and a lot of grass in the back here and that is why on Wednesday we had a ‘river’ rushing through,” Principal Mrs. McMullen said while shoveling mud off the black top at Loma Vista Elementary.

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Finding Health in School Farms and Gardens in Ventura

Chris_Massa-2After FoodCorps Service Member, Chris Massa, served 1.5 years with Ventura Unified School District in southern California. After starting a student farm with the district, Chris has moved on from his service and is now the Farm to School Operations Specialist with Ventura Unified. Read on to see Chris’s findings and the importance of student-based farms.

“Is this seed really going to grow?”

This is a persistent question I encounter while learning in the garden with students from Ventura Unified School District. “If we provide it with all the necessary elements, air, sun, water, and soil, it surely will,” I reply.

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