Three Tips to Make a Fish Farm Environmentally Friendly

How to be More Eco-Friendly

We all know by now that we should be more eco-friendly, but it’s not always easy to work out where to start. It all seems overwhelming at times. The good news is that most of these suggestions will save you money in the long run too.

Start with the Small Things

If every one of us makes a few changes, we’ll all soon notice a difference.

Cut the Plastic

Plastic is now such a big part of our lives we don’t even notice it. The problem is, it all ends up in landfills and eventually the oceans. Be aware of it, and you’ll soon find accessible alternatives.

Recycle as much as you can

Paper, cans, and glass are usually easy to dispose of at a depot. If there isn’t one near where you live, consider setting one up as a community project.

Re-use as much as possible

From gift wrap to clothing, there’s a lot we can re-use.

Start a vegetable garden. 

Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow a few things in containers. Start with a few of your favorite herbs if you’re unsure of yourself. You will love the freshness of the things you grow yourself.

Think twice before you use your car

There’s probably a store within walking distance, the walk will do you good, and you’ll save on fuel. You don’t need to worry about getting to the betting shop either, as you can use an online casino.

Bigger Ticket Changes

While it may not be practical for you right now, and not everyone can afford them, it’s still worth being aware of them.

Buy an Electric Car 

If not now, then think about it when it’s time to replace your car.

Use Solar Power

If you own your own home, this is certainly something you should consider. Even if you start with something small like a solar water heater, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. You don’t need to be in a place where it’s always warm and sunny, either. Solar panels and tubes are more efficient when it’s cool, although they do need some sunlight.